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CELLular, originally developed by
AITC, is an implementation of John Conway's famous game of "LIFE" for JAVA enabled mobile phones.

The game of life is an example of "Cellular automata", whereby a grid of cells change based on particular rules. In this case, the rules are deceptively simple:

From these simple rules, complex behaviour emerges - oscillating patterns, patterns that "move" around the grid, etc, etc.

People have even constructed simple "computers" from patterns on a life grid!

This is obviously a very brief introduction to the concept. You may want to check out the Wikipedia entry for a much better explanation and more background.


You can see some screenshots of CELLular in action here.

Supported Devices

CELLular requires a phone (or other portable device) that supports MIDP 2.0. If you don't know what that means, a rule of thumb is CELLular should run on most java-enabled phones released since around 2004/2005.


You can download CELLular using the normal SourceForge download facility. You can download just the JAR file if you only want to install it on your mobile phone, or you can download the source as well if you're curious!

While you're here

Please feel free to let us know of any bugs, or feature requests you may have. Or, better yet, you can submit your own patches to the code for inclusion in the next version!